Aerial FAQ’s – What you need to know!

When I first started aerial I must have looked at 100 blogs for tips and tricks on how to do absolutely everything from climbing to ‘am I pointing my feet right?’. If you could print out a list of my google history it would bring up a ton of obscure aerial references some of which could be read wrong; have you ever really tried to google the word straddle?


So for the beginners like me who have found my site in the hope of some answers I thought I would grant you some based on my personal experiences but keep in mind I am not an instructor and this is only my opinion!

Is aerial silks hard?
Short answer, if it was easy we would all be Tarzan swinging our way to work.
The long answer is it is hard and can take some time to master but if you really stick with it you will see the results. If you have some upper body strength it helps but if you don’t, you will  build it up as you go so don’t think just because you can’t climb right away you suck at it and that you can’t do it. Take it from me, keep trying and you will get better! And if that doesn’t convince you think of all the sexy photos you can upload to facebook of you hanging upside down like a boss.

I can’t climb, Im uncoordinated. Is there something else I can do?
No. Suck it up and keep going! I was a terrible walker when i could, pigeon toed and all and I can only feel one leg. If you can feel both your legs you can do it. Stay positive. Also see posting facebook photos above to keep you motivated.

I want to do this to loose weight, or will i build up too much muscle?
You will build up some nice muscle tone which in turn will make your body look smoking hot no matter what size or shape you are. But enjoy aerial for what it is, dancing in the air. Its glorious! Try not to focus solely on getting in shape or loosing weight and just enjoy the ride. Learning to love your body no matter is more important than being ‘perfect’.

Does it hurt?
Be prepared to be sore baby! And by that I mean your muscles. Of course if you go to the gym and work your muscles they will get sore, its the same thing except you will look awesome doing it. Working muscles that you don’t usually use is going to talk to you but thats good. It means your kicking your own ass. Own it!

I’m not a dancer does that matter?
Not really. I have found that I learn tons from the dancers in my class on how to hold your body more and look graceful. No one actually seems to care if your a dancer or not as everyone there is learning aerial, not dance. You are all in the same boat, trying to figure it all out, so don’t let the fact you can’t wrap your leg behind your head discourage you. You can’t do that……..yet. 😉

Ok, I’m gonna do it!. Is there anything else I need to know?
Find a good school to start your first class in. Do a search of the director/instructor and find out what he/she has done in the past. There are a lot of people out there saying they can teach but their really bad technique and dangerous youtube videos say otherwise. I am lucky to be part of an amazing class 3 times a week and we all feed off each others energy. Not only is it hard work its also really fun. You will wish you had started years ago!

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