Over the past month I have been working out 4 times a week which to most wouldn’t seem like much, but add to the equation spinning, choreography, lifting, pulling and spliting in the air and it doesn’t sound like most workouts you know. Aerial training is HARD but I am determined to nail it and because of my perfectionism I work even harder to make it ‘right’. To most that sounds like a great quality but it can be hindering because before you realise it, your body needs a break.

I found an article from Runners World about Rest Days and how important they are to your training. Most people think taking a day or two off will stop your body from getting stronger but in fact giving your body time to recover can actually improve your performance and give you an extra kick. I sometimes forget that aerial is in place of my everyday physiotherapy and because I treat it as such I should be listening to my body when its fatigued not trying to push through like everyone else.

Yesterday in rehearsal I was dying, and yes the exaggerated dying you say when you know your not actually in mortal peril but the dying you feel when you can’t go on. Im not keen on spinning on a good day, but yesterday due to it being my 5th day training, not eating much and my focus being off when I was spinning I had a shocker. I felt close to being sick several times and I actually had to stop and call it quits earlier than I wanted to. Thank god the people around me are so understanding and helpful grabbing my water and a bucket (which I didn’t need) but I couldn’t help still feeling like a failure, like I could do better but didn’t. It annoyed me and plagued my for a moment until I realised that my body was crying out for me to take a day or two off. So I listened to my body and made that decision.

But how aware are we of the signs we are pushing too hard and how do we know we are over exercising? Here are some things to watch out for:

  1. Exercise leaves you exhausted instead of energized.
  2. You get sick easily (or it takes forever to get over a cold)
  3. You have the blues
  4. You’re unable to sleep or you can’t seem to get enough sleep
  5. You have ”heavy” legs
  6. You have a short fuse
  7. You’re regularly sore for days at a time
  8. Loss of concentration
  9. Decreased motivation
  10. Fatigue

Do yourself a favour this bikini season and watch out for the signs of over exertion when your training and remember that slow and steady does win the race.


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