Spinning – How NOT to get sick doing it.

We all know that at some point in our training we might have to start spinning and the reason is simple: it looks amazing! So you start to get your spin on and all of a sudden the whole world has gone blurry. How on earth do professionals manage to do this all the time and make it look easy? There has to be a trick right?

When I first started lyra I knew that I had to spin but every time I did it I got sick. I persisted and tried eating ginger root, motion sickness bands and even travel sickness medication and nothing seemed to take away that drunken fleeting feeling that sometime terrible was going to happen. And then after a very embarrassing class where I actually jumped off the hoop and vomited into a towel I was told the deep dark secret to spinning; you get used to it.

Thats right. There is no real trick to spinning you just have to keep trying but along the way I have a few tips that were passed onto me that I think might help you in those dire moments.

TIP ONE: If you are going to be spinning in class don’t eat a huge meal before. I eat my last big meal 3 hours prior that way I know my body has had time to digest and leaves very little in my stomach. If you find this hard, you can have small snacks such as nuts or a banana. I often have a banana an hour before class and it ties me over.

TIP TWO: Start spinning when you feel confident with all of your tricks or transitions. I found that once I felt I knew what I was doing I didn’t focus on the spin as much and it didn’t seem to bother me.

TIP THREE: Go at your own pace. Start spinning at a level that is comfortable and gradually build it up. The only way to get use to it is to give your brain time to understand its going to be happening often.

TIP FOUR: Learn which moves make you go faster and which will make you slow down. That way if you ever feel your spinning way to fast you can slow yourself down. Often if your body is vertical like a pencil you will spin faster than when your body is outstretched. Don’t forget to point your feet!

TIP FIVE: If you have to look at something, try focussing on your outstretched hand, foot, or a part of your body that will take your focus away. Looking up to the roof might make you dizzier and also try closing your eyes to see if that helps at all.

Whichever way you go, spinning is a big part of aerial and you will find that the more you do it, the easier it becomes and you will not be too afraid of it anymore. Take it from someone who struggled at first and can now spin for 4 minutes without even thinking. Good luck and remember its fun~

Check out this lovely lyra duo routine from Paper Doll Militia for inspiration and see how they make spinning look natural.

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