Conditioning for the Busy (or lazy)

Dont you hate those long exhausting days at work when all you want to do at the end is relax on the couch and watch some bad tv with a glass of wine and a bar of chocolate? You know you need to do conditioning but the couch is so damn comfortable and you just can’t bring yourself to stand….Want some guilt free exercises while you relax? Here are some ideas for those nights when you don’t feel like doing much. Enjoy!

1. Stretch on the floor with the TV on. Lay out your yoga mat or towel in front of the tv and stretch those muscles while you watch your last show for the evening. If you do it for one program a night that is 20 minutes of stretching and lengthening that flew past without you even noticing it. Stretching before bed can also help you sleep better and reduces the chance of waking up sore.

2. During the commercials do dips on the edge of the couch. Do a few reps each break until you have reached your goal. If you need encouragement get your family or partner to do it with you.

3. Put a pullup bar over the door in your bedroom or bathroom so that each time you go through it, you need to do 1-3 pullups each time. Do until you have reached your goal.

4. Enjoy a Epson salt bath and stretch your neck and legs. Lean forward as far as you can in the bath with your legs straight in front of you and grab your toes. Hold for 30 seconds and release and repeat. Lay back and let the warm water heat your neck and back muscles and stretch your arms out. You will find the more your muscles can relax the nicer the bath will be.

5. If you head straight to bed, lay on your back and practice pointing and flexing your feet. Hold the point for 5 seconds and do this 10 times. Rotate your ankles and free your feet of any stress and tension it may have been harboring from the day.

6. Relax and get a good nights sleep. You deserved  it!

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