Aerial Gym Bag Essentials

We all know that aerial is hard but we can make it easier on ourselves by packing a pretty prepared bag just for the occasion. Here are some essentials for beginners!


1. One litre drink bottle – These can be a bit tricky for find but I found mine at a local health food store for $15. This one is from Surf Stitch and on sale.

2. Arnica Cream – The best thing for those new bruises and can be picked up at most chemists. Follow the instructions and it can help with the swelling.

3. Almonds – I pack around 13 nuts, they are high in protein and good if you need a quick snack.

4. Sports Deodorant – Its not only doing ourselves a favour but those around us!

5. Itunes Playlist – Get together a phyche up mix and play it in the car on the way to class.

6. Towel – Essential for when you work up a sweat and better than wiping it on your shirt.

7. Protein – I prefer to have a shake but protein Barres are a great snack to help your muscles regenerate. Bring some to class and eat in the car on the way home.

8. Sports Tape – I swear by this stuff! Take care of your ankles and wrists which do take a lot of stress. When they feel a tad weak take care of them!

9. Sports Bra – Make sure these puppies stay supported.

10. Find a good bag that is easy to carry and will not have your things fall out. Leave it in your car so you never forget to take it and remove the valuables.

Now you know my essentials get thinking about what you pack and create your own!


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