So, not WHAT TO DO, an epic aerial fails post

I recently read a post of about am i ready to perform after two months of lessons, which is a blog post showing a video of a really bad aerial fail – so bad I watched it several times to pick on everything she did wrong and then felt bad because I am not an expert! But you don’t have to be an expert to know what not to do so lets take a look at some seriously epic fails (not to judge and be nasty, but for educational purposes’.

I have never seen what she was trying to do, I don’t even think it would have worked and if she was trying to do something where she would hang by her ankles she didn’t have enough height. Sad fail because she looked like a dancer and had a beautiful split.

Practicing at home with a blow up mattress! No. Major fail! Blow up mattress’s are not good for supporting the body when you fall. They are hard and you can bounce off. Should you practice at home? Probably not. But if your going to take a major risk you shouldn’t practice a move that you could allow you to fall on your neck. Ouch fail.

This looks like its in a studio and while what he is doing looks cool he has no matt!!! When you watch it to the end you know why its a fail. No matter what your doing while your learning you need a matt. I was recently informed by my aerial instructor that someone she knew fell only standing height on their neck and was badly injured so what must we do as students?

  1. Training at home isn’t advised by good and well trained instructors. It is dangerous and you do not have someone who knows what they are doing to spot you. If you already have something at home,  you should leave learning new moves to when your in class, not to Youtube.
  2. If you want to get better, get down on the ground and give me 50! That’s right, the key to getting better isn’t really rigging at home and getting extra practice, it is keeping your body strong with the basics. Push ups, sit ups, crunches, planche, leg raises, strong arms and core. Stretching at home is also great for your flexibility in class and also helps you sleep better at night if you do it in the evening.
  3. Listen and learn. If your instructor says ‘do it this way’ you should do it. A really great instructor has had experience in the field and knows how to do it safely.
  4. Be safe. When you are learning keep it close to the ground. We all want to be right at the top but if it doesn’t feel right take it back down. I practice everything new with an instructor in tow and as safely as possible.
  5. Forget competition. Do not try and get ahead of other people in your class. Everyone learns at a different pace because everyones body is different. Take your time. S.L.O.W D.O.W.N. Being cocky can lead to injury which could leave you falling behind anyway and if you love aerial as much as I do you will want to do it for many years to come!
  6. And last but not least, its about having fun and being creative but that shouldn’t mean doing it wrong. We need to do it right!!

So gear up peoples lets get crunching!

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