8 Positive NYE Resolutions (and how to keep them!)

Lets admit it, we have all done it. Woken up on the first of January with every intention of embarking on a brand new life and to make sure we do it have told every single person who would listen and posted about it on Facebook.

Bam! One of the worst things about new years resolutions is the fact you promise yourself something you don’t really want to do and think that the magic of a date change will automatically give you some special super hero powers to help you complete them. But here is a secret – It doesn’t work like that! But that’s not to say you can’t make resolutions that are good for your mind, body and spirit and actually achieve them. So lets take a look at some positive ways to make resolutions and stick with them, and it doesn’t involve magic!

1. Don’t tell anyone
It sounds sneaky and strange but you know the guilt you feel in August when you realise you haven’t gone to the gym everyday and are eating cake with your full fat latte? That’s because you have told everyone about your plans and you feel bad that you didn’t stick with it. The simple solution to this is to keep your resolutions to yourself. Unless you decide to start deep sea diving to study dangerous sharks off a boat in the Pacific (which you should tell people in case you die), not everyone needs to know what your plans for the new year are. Sometimes it is good to tell a friend for support and that should be encouraged but quitting smoking only to light up at a BBQ with all those judging eyes can be intimidating. So quit your bad habits on the sly and take away all that pressure.

2. Don’t obsess about loosing weight
The unhealthiest you can be is stressing about how imperfect your body is and the desire to change it aggressively. Forget diets and forcing yourself to go to the gym everyday, instead acknowledge the fact the weight will not fall off in a few weeks and change your life style instead. Start with cutting back on sugar in your coffee, drinking more water and walking around the block for 20 minutes each day. The gym can get boring over time especially when you don’t see results every day so instead opt for a dance class, rowing or martial arts. Not only are you being active but you can meet new people and share your experiences in a positive way.

3. Learn to like yourself
There is only one person you need to impress more than anyone else and that should be you! Forget about worrying what everyone else thinks, the dirty little secret is no one actually really cares about what you are doing more than what they are doing themselves so stressing about what people are thinking is a waste of time. Instead learn to like yourself for your little mood swings, hobby knees and mad memory because there are plenty of people out there that do! Surround yourself with people that truly know you well and weed out the friends you feel you need to impress on a daily basis and you will find you will embrace your kooky personality and draw people towards you positively.

4. Organise your Life
Wan’t to make sure you do the things you promise yourself to? Write it down! Get a diary and pick a date to call about that fitness class and write down the phone number and do it! Forget emailing, its the chicken way out. Speak to a person or go in and discuss what you want to do face to face. This can make the first initial meeting in a class all the less intimidating. If you are not a diary person, opt for annoying alerts on your smart phone. I have used this tactic to remind myself to do various mundane tasks and have even entered it several times, 7 days apart. This will remind you it’s important and also make you want to get it done and out of the way! Relief!

5. Give yourself a break!
We all love holidays, in fact we all deserve a break! But remember it doesn’t have to be a major elaborate trip overseas and can be as simple as camping in the bush for the weekend. But the important thing is you get to tune out and switch off your brain. If you find relaxing not one of your strongest points opt for a retreat or beach holiday with little distraction and no options but to lay in the sunshine and read a book. Spending the money on your mental state of mind is worth it so forget about running around seeing attractions and take this trip for yourself. You can always see those things next time.

6. If you don’t feel like it, do it anyway
You had the thought you try and you feel you are changing your mind, chances are you are more afraid of sucking at it than you are of actually enjoying it. Forget about all that, do it anyway so you know in yourself you tried and and can now cross it off your list. It is better to know than spend the whole year wondering what it would be like and you can rejoice in the fact you were brave enough to give it a go!

7. Go old school
Remember back in the day when you would go out for a few hours and had no idea if anyone tried to contact you? If you don’t than that concept will seem strange and foreign but if you do you might remember having a lot of fun regardless of what everyone else was doing. Go old school on your own ass and switch your phone off at dinner or leave it at home when you go to the beach and you won’t be as tempted to check your Facebook to snoop. Enjoy your well deserved outing and forget about the rest of the world for a few hours. It will be just fine without you.

8. Remember your only human
If you don’t stick with your resolution don’t beat yourself up about it. Chances are you know you should do it but are not ready just yet. The idea to change something in your life really does have to come from deep down inside and not what you think you should do. So dust yourself off and try again. Your not a failure if the first time you don’t succeed, it is a lot more common than you think but if you really stick with it and work really hard you will see results even if they are not right away. Your only human!



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