The Circus Baby!

Early last year I got so addicted to a  TV show called Carnivàle, set in the 1920’s and about a dark and mysterious bunch of circus workers and their lives. It was marvellous and I was so happy that I had found something so fantastic I went to go and buy what I could on DVD only to discover the show was axed after the 2nd season. From watching the show I did however, get the idea to art direct a shoot myself using some of the aerialist from my class and see how the photos turned out as a bit of a creative project for myself and my graphic design business Hard Knox Creative.


I enlisted photographer Samantha Christensen and with the help of Tammy Zarb and AP8 the whole shoot came to life in a way I never thought it would. I went on the hunt for costumes but got so frustrated with not finding what I wanted I decided to buy a sewing machine and give it a go myself. I am just so glad i lucked out and the costumes turned out great. So here is a peek at the shoot and the costumes I spent so hard making. Enjoy!



Model: Tammy Zarb
Vintage high waisted shorts: Hard Knox Creative


Naomi 2

Model: Naomi Callister
Vintage high waisted shorts and top: Hard Knox Creative



Model: Laura Hobman
Costume: Her own




Model: Jack Wade
Costume: His own

jack_2 girls3 girls_2

Models: Sarah Morley & Mim Dore
Bustier dress: Hard Knox Creative

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